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How to set up a radio station

2021-06-06 16:17

1. FM/AM button: You can switch out four modes of AST, FM1, FM2 and AM.
2. AST button: It is used to automatically store the 6 radio stations with the strongest signal. Press once to enter the automatic storage. Then 1) The machine makes a beep, then mute the sound, and the display starts to flicker. 2) After the storage is complete, you will hear a beep again and the display will stop flashing. 3) The station is stored in the preset keys 1-6. 4) Sometimes less than 6 stations may be found.
3. Press FM/AM key to switch to FM1, press 78 to manually adjust the frequency, the first is to adjust the frequency in the lower direction, and the second is in the higher direction.
   To tune the desired radio station, press the number keys 1-6 to store it in the corresponding position. Next time you want to listen to it, just press the number key and it will come out.
   Long press is fast adjustment, one press and release is slow adjustment.
4. Press the FM/AM key to switch to FM2 or AM, the same method can be manually set and stored.
Therefore, 6 radio stations can be preset for each mode, and 24 radio stations can be stored in the four modes of AST, FM1, FM2 and AM.
When listening to a certain station, you can also use 78 to manually tune the station.

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