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Car daily maintenance knowledge

2021-06-06 16:16

1. Correctly replace the antifreeze
In winter, cars cannot do without antifreeze, just like people cannot do without hot water. As the temperature drops, the engine will be greatly affected. At this time, the car mainly checks the antifreeze in time. The owner of the vehicle will replace the antifreeze once after 2 years of use, because the antifreeze may have particles, which are caused by the daily driving process and can no longer be used.
2. Correctly replace good quality tires
In winter, the tires of cars wear very large, because there are more rainy weather, when the temperature is low, icing is easy to occur, the texture of the tires is not good, it is easy to slip, and traffic accidents occur. When replacing new tires, car owners must choose the right tires for the car, not others say that the most expensive is the best.

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