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Mitsubishi Gas Car Maintenance Light Reset

2021-06-06 16:13

Mitsubishi has an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system and oxygen sensor maintenance indicator on the dashboard. Whenever driving 90000km, the EGR system maintenance indicator on the instrument panel lights up, and the EGR system should be maintained at this time. Whenever driving 13000km, the maintenance light is on, prompting that the oxygen sensor should be replaced. When driving 16000km, the indicator light is on, prompting that the activated carbon canister should be replaced. After the above maintenance, the maintenance lamp should be reset to zero.

1. Find out the position of the reset switch. The reset switch of the PICKUP and RAM-50 models from 1987 to 1991 is at the bottom right of the instrument panel. The reset switches of other models are installed on the back of the instrument panel, and some of them are connected to the odometer. Beside the line, some are in the lower right corner of the back panel when viewed from the front of the dashboard.
2. Turn the sliding zero-return switch to the other side to complete the zero-return work. Mitsubishi Pajero Security System Password Setting Method
3. For models such as COLT VISTA, COLT WAGON and MONTERO, when driving every 240,000km, you only need to remove the indicator bulb and discard it.
4. When PICKUPT and RAM-50 are driving 190000km, you only need to remove the bulb.

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