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How to change the car oil

2020-03-04 20:41

Today I will teach you how to change the oil of a car, as follows:
1. Raise the car with a lift. This is easy to operate.
2. To drain waste oil, open the car hood and find the old oil filter. There are special tools for loading and unloading the oil filter. Why disassemble the oil filter first? There are many sundries inside.

3. After finding the oil pan of the chassis, there is a special drain nut. Open and drain the used oil.

4. When installing the oil filter, pour some oil on the seal ring and install it again to increase the sealing performance. Some vertical-mounted oil filters need to be filled with oil before installation, and flat-mounted ones do not require air exhaust.

5. Re-install the oil pan nut and fill it with new oil. Remember that if it is a 4L bucket, add 2.7L first. Remember! !! !! Don't fill up the engine oil because you are afraid of wasting. The main role of the oil is to lubricate. Full oil will increase the resistance of the engine and will not increase speed when it is started. It is said that it will increase the oil pressure and damage the engine!
6. Then, take a taxi. See if there is an oil leak? Run for 5-6 minutes, wait for a while, then check the oil scale. The ruler is sufficient at 2/3. OK to see if the oil does not leak. If there is a leak, check the cause. Generally, there is no problem with the seal under tightening.

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