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How to maintain a car

2020-03-03 17:29

Today teach everyone how to care for your beloved car:
1. Cleaning is the basic work of car maintenance, including exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. Its significance is not only to make the car volume and parts clean and beautiful, to make subsequent inspections and adjustments smoothly, but also to prevent its performance from being deteriorated due to uncleanness.
2. It is mainly to observe and test the failure precursors that may occur during the use of the car so as to be aware of it. With the application and development of reliability theory, regular inspection and on-demand maintenance have become the direction of the development of automobile maintenance. This maintenance is based on advanced automotive non-disassembly inspection technology. Therefore, inspection work will become the core of reliability maintenance work.
3. It is to supply fuel, lubricating oil, antirust and antifreeze and other liquids according to regulations. When replenishing, also pay attention to the principle that its quality, quantity, model and requirements are consistent.
4. It is the main measure to reduce the wear of the parts, prevent early damage and prolong the service life. It is a recurring task that runs through the use of cars. When lubricating, the quality, quantity and model of the lubricating oil and grease must be consistent with the requirements, and be refilled on time.
5. Due to impact, vibration, and changes in the mechanism of some parts, the tightening degree of some fixed mating pairs will change, resulting in looseness; some parts are not tightly sealed due to looseness, causing oil leakage in some parts or Leak.
6. Due to the long-term use of the car, the coordination gap and tightness between various mechanisms will change and deviate from the original optimal state. Over time, it will definitely cause the deterioration of the technical status of automobiles, which is manifested as the failure of automobile systems. The engine power is reduced; the change of the brake shoe clearance can lead to poor braking efficiency and seriously affect driving safety. By adjusting the work, the parts can be restored to the original best fit, the best tightness and the best size, so that the car can maintain the best power and economy.

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