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Use and maintenance of electronically controlled cars

2020-03-03 17:19

Today I will take you through the use and maintenance of electronically controlled cars:
1. Use unleaded gasoline. In order to reduce the emission of pollutants and prolong the engine life of electronically controlled cars, it is best to use unleaded gasoline above 90, because leaded gasoline will affect the performance of the engine piston and increase fuel consumption.
2. Use high-quality engine oil. Electronically controlled cars must not only use high-quality engine oil, but also regularly change the engine oil. Because high-quality motor oil has excellent lubricating performance and anti-corrosion, and it has certain maintenance effect on the engine, it is better to use high-end motor oil, especially some high-end cars.
3. Use high quality coolant. Because the water temperature of an electronically controlled automobile engine is very high, high-quality coolant with a high boiling point must be used to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the engine and avoid overheating of the engine.
4. Use the battery properly. Although the battery of an electronically controlled automobile generally has a long service life and does not require special maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the working condition of the battery every time the car is driven and to repair or replace the problem battery in a timely manner.
5. Let the engine "warm up". Because the normal working temperature of the engine is high, do not accelerate immediately after starting the electronically controlled car, let the engine run at low speed for a period of time, so that each part and the engine can cooperate well.
6. Check the tires regularly. The service life of general tires is determined by factors such as the speed of the car, road conditions, and tire pressure. When a tire fails, it not only affects the comfort and driving operation of the driver of the car, but also directly affects the safety of the driver. Therefore, the tire must be checked regularly. Air pressure and friction performance.

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