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How to care for leather goods in summe

2020-03-01 21:26

In summer, many people like to wear leather shoes and clothes. Then how to take care of leather goods in summer. Today we take everyone to learn the skills of summer leather care:
Use detergents sparingly and avoid choosing shoe polish care. Leather goods will inevitably appear dust or stains if used for a long time, but too frequent daily cleaning will damage the leather. Generally, it is enough to maintain the care 1-2 times a month; stains on leather goods need to be treated with special leather cleaners. Customers are advised to visit the counter regularly for professional care, which is more effective for the care of leather goods. For soft leather products such as purses and wallets, do not use shoe polish care, because the volatile components in shoe polish will penetrate into the leather and destroy the leather's own oil, which will reduce the gloss of the leather and cause cracks and discoloration.
  Do not receive leather goods in the cabinet. Many people will put unused leather products into the cabinet and add camphor pills. In fact, this method is not good. The camphor pills have volatile components, which can damage the leather for a long time. Usually, we only need to pay attention to placing the cabinet with good ventilation and low temperature when storing leather goods, and when storing leather goods, we must wrap it with a cotton dust bag. It is best to put some moisture-absorbing waste in the bag. paper.
  Sweat often. Summer is long, and it is almost always hot. People sweat easily. We all know that 98-99% of the sweat is mainly water, with a pH value of 4.2-7.5, NaCl is about 300 mg / 100 ml, and 1 to 2% is a small amount of urea, lactic acid, and fatty acids. This is corrosive to leather, and it will harden and deform after long-term erosion by sweat. Especially men should wipe the sweat stains on the leather goods often, which can prolong the life of the leather goods.

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