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How to choose leather goods for hotel rooms

2020-03-01 21:22

Since 2006, guest room leather goods have begun to enter high-star hotels, giving hotel customers a feeling of being surrounded by the world. By 2012, guest room leather goods have entered ordinary hotels, showing that it has gradually become a hotel miscellaneous equipment An essential link, from the perspective of its use function: their appearance plays a role in supporting the green leaves of red flowers, the remote control cover puts a layer of leather on the remote control, the feel is not bad, and the eye-catching hotel LOGO, if the hotel If you pay attention to details, you can also arrange the number of the TV station on the inner page to guide customers; the signature board allows a more free-form cushion for business travel writing; the tissue box is placed on the bedside for customers to access, and the obvious LOGO reminds customers The name of the hotel. Guest room leather goods are a carrier for hotels to provide services to customers. This carrier provides convenience in a gentle and elegant way. It is not the service itself.
Composition of guest room leather goods: artificial leather, PU, ​​PVC or a mixture of the two, PU is softer, feels better, lower volatility, higher price, PVC is harder, feels flat and slightly stiff, lower price, now leather Providers provide artificial leathers, which are generally a mixture of the two. They have both the weak type of PU and the low price of PVC. Now this market share is more. Many times when choosing leather, you have to look at the pattern. There is no specific standard for this. There are people who like it in all kinds of patterns. Each flower has its own eyes. Generally, high-end hotels prefer darker colors or simpler patterns. , In line with its own value positioning; bright patterns or bright leather tones, the theme hotels like to pick. Before 2008, the Egyptian and straw mat patterns were more popular. In 2010, the crocodile patterns and brushed patterns were popular, and now all flowers are in full bloom. However, the same thing, the hotel chooses according to its own positioning.
When people see a set of leather goods in the guest room, in addition to the above two points, they also feel the workmanship. The level of the master is reflected here: 1 whether the car line is straight, 2 whether the skin is flat, 3 whether the leather interface is tight, 4 the skeleton and Whether the leather is directly degummed and whether the binding using the magnet is strong enough. Another raw material is the adhesive used for bonding, that is, glue. Because the glue has some requirements for the bonding medium, there are not many choices of glue. The main materials are similar, but the manufacturers are different, but they still have a certain taste. At present It is necessary to use unscented glue to apply glue to guest room leather goods. The technical level has not yet been reached. The quality of leather goods has a relatively large relationship with adhesives. Still, the years are a pig killing knife. Good glue. It can keep the leather goods for 3-5 years. The next time the glue can be opened in one year. From the quality itself, the glue is used more, the bonding effect is better, and the leather taste is relatively large, so it is recommended that the hotel The use department, before laying the leather goods in the guest room, it is best to open the product to let the taste disperse for a while. If the manufacturer takes a little care and adds some antioxidants to the glue, it can extend the role of the glue, which is the life of the leather goods. Leather goods, if it has been 5 years, the style or leather texture has fallen behind, we must consider replacing.

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