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Brand leather care tips

2020-03-01 21:19

Daily care brand leather goods need to spend a lot of money to professional institutions to care, in fact, we can also take care of brand leather goods, today take everyone to learn how to care.
Contamination, tarnishing, cracking, etc. are common problems with leather goods. The following are some tips for brand leather care. After the leather is stained, it is best to wipe it gently with a cloth, then apply a layer of vaseline, and then wipe it repeatedly with a soft cloth. At last. Rub the oil of the same color and brush it with a soft bristle, and it will be as bright as new.
The leather goods will lose their luster and look stale after using it for a long time. You can use clean cotton yarn dipped in a suitable amount of thin material or clean gasoline, and gently wipe it on the surface of the bag. Wipe it a few times at the key points, and then apply the oil immediately. The cloth ruffled back and forth a few times, and a pair of shiny new bags came out. If there are a few wrinkles or cracks on the leather goods, you can apply some egg whites and then oil. If there are large wrinkles, you can fill the cracks with paraffin. Iron with an iron.
There is a big difference between professional brand leather care and daily maintenance. Professionally trained personnel use professional equipment and strictly follow the maintenance procedures. Regular professional brand leather goods care can prolong the service life of leather goods and keep them beautiful. Brand leather care is a professional technical activity. Some dry cleaners do not update the leather care process and technology immediately, lack professional care equipment and skills, and often produce quality problems.

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