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How to take care of leather goods

2020-03-01 21:17

I also like leather goods, but how do I take care of them? Today teach everyone how to care for leather goods?
1. often oiled
Both bags and leather shoes and leather clothes need to be frequently oiled. The function of oiling is not only to maintain the bright luster of leather goods, but also to protect the appearance of leather goods. An oily leather layer is the best protection for leather goods. The craftsmen suggest that you generally oil the leather once every six months. If you frequently use bags, leather shoes, etc., it is recommended that you oil it every three months.
2. Cleaning and decontamination
Many friends like shopping, about three or five friends shopping for coffee or badminton. Bags, leather shoes and other leather goods are easily stained with coffee and sweat. If the leather is stained with sweat or coffee, please immediately wipe the stain with a clean wet cloth; if the stain penetrates the inside of the leather, the wipe cannot be wiped off, please leave it to a craftsman to handle it, otherwise you should not wash it yourself, otherwise Maybe your leather goods will be scrapped.
3. High temperature sun protection
Human skin is delicate, and the surface of leather goods is also delicate. Although the quality of your Chanel bag is good, the surface of the leather goods will dry out and crack when it is exposed for a long time. The bag is cracking, it takes a lot of money to fix it! Craftsmen suggest that friends go out in the summer to set up an umbrella, which can not only protect themselves, but also shade their bags.
4. Waterproof and waterproof
Summer is best for swimming and playing in water. In the circle of friends, artisans often see pictures of friends playing in Phuket, Maldives, and Boracay. I really envy dead artisans. Unfortunately, artisans only go to work every day. However, the craftsmen here suggest that when playing with friends, pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof leather bags and other leather goods. Sea water is highly salty and highly corrosive. In addition to the perspiration of human skin, leather bags can't stand it. Craftsmen suggest to use a soft cloth to wipe off the sweat and seawater from the leather.
5. Keep it safe
Leather goods are delicate things. Many people do not keep leather goods properly, and leather goods will inevitably be damaged over time. The craftsman recommends that when the leather goods are not in use, it should be wrapped in cotton cloth and stored in a dry and cool place. If you are afraid that the leather goods will be bitten by insects, pack the leather goods in a fresh-keeping bag and put an appropriate amount of camphor pills around.

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