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The UK epidemic has improved, and the road map for a complet

2021-06-06 15:12

As the recent epidemic in the UK is improving, restrictions have eased. On May 17th, after the British have largely experienced the joy of freedom, on June 21st, British residents will embrace freedom again in an all-round way!
British Health Minister Matt Hancock posted on his personal social networking site that British vaccination has reached a "milestone" because the UK has now received more than 60 million doses of vaccine.

Although the number of new crown cases has increased slightly from last week, the over 60 million inoculations of the vaccine have increased Boris Johnson’s hope that it will be "completely unblocked" on June 21.
British Prime Minister Boris said in an interview yesterday: He will remove some countries from the green tourism list without hesitation, but there is no data indicating that the full unblocking on June 21 should be delayed, so we still proceed as planned! "

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