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The number of "model injection students" in the UK has ri

2021-06-06 15:07

The United Kingdom is one of the countries in the world where the new crown vaccination campaign is advancing quickly. It is known as a "model injection student". Therefore, it has changed the situation in which the number of infections and deaths in the early stage of the epidemic was astonishing. , On June 21, all epidemic measures were completely cancelled and normal life resumed.
However, the number of new crown infections in the UK has been on the rise for several days. The UK Ministry of Health announced on Friday that 6,238 Britons had contracted the virus in the past 24 hours, almost double the number in the last week of May.
According to statistics from the UK Statistics Agency, in the week ending May 29, about 100,000 people were infected, up from 60,000 a week ago.

Especially in England and Wales, concerns about the spread of the virus have increased, where the infectious index R value has gradually increased and is now estimated to be between 1.0 and 1.2. It is believed that this increase is due to the spread of the Delta virus variant that originally appeared in India, which would jeopardize the UK's plan to completely unblock it, which aims to end all restrictions on the new crown epidemic on June 21.
British Prime Minister Johnson has stated on Wednesday that he will be cautious about canceling all measures, but according to available data, the signs of delaying the plan are not obvious.
Although Friday’s figures showed unfavorable factors, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, this is not surprising given the recent relaxation measures. He emphasized that the successful vaccination campaign has greatly reduced the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

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