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The epidemic in India is severe, why did the United States n

2021-06-06 15:05

Nowadays, the domestic epidemic in India is very serious. There are a large number of new infections every day, and the death toll is also rising rapidly. It seems that the situation of the epidemic in India is very serious, so the foreign minister Jaishan Su visited the United States to seek vaccines, but what India did not expect was The Indian Foreign Minister personally came to ask for a vaccine, but the big country’s reply was very firm, that is, no. This also made Modi regret that he had turned his face, or India would be able to get the vaccine from China, but what is puzzling is that it has always wanted to please. Why does the United States in India not give a dose of vaccine? The relationship between the U.S. and India has always been unusual. No matter which U.S. president is, he likes to win over India from behind. It stands to reason that the epidemic in India is serious this time, and it happens to be the best time for the U.S. to win over India. Why does the U.S. refuse to help India? There are many reasons for this. Although the United States wants to win over India, it is entirely for its own interests. It does not want to see India completely fall to Russia, thereby establishing itself as a powerful enemy in the Indian Ocean. Secondly, the global epidemic is very serious. Not only India needs vaccines, but other countries also need vaccines. The United States is also hoarding vaccines. In the eyes of many people, vaccines are used to treat diseases and save people, but Americans are different. They regard vaccines as a tool to make money, and even plan to wait for the price of vaccines to rise further, but then sell vaccines. If vaccines are now provided to India, then the US plan to make money is completely ruined. The United States not only refuses to provide vaccines, but is also unwilling to provide vaccine raw materials to India. The reason is very simple, because India is also considered a large pharmaceutical country, and India has a very strong ability to imitate drugs. If India obtains vaccine raw materials, it will soon Although the efficacy of the vaccine that can be imitated cannot be guaranteed, it will definitely affect the trend of world vaccine prices, which is very unfavorable to the United States. Therefore, the United States will firmly oppose the provision of vaccines and related materials to this country. In the face of the domestic epidemic, Modi is also very anxious now, otherwise he would not send the foreign minister to the United States in person. Moreover, even if he gets the vaccine from the United States, it is said that the near thirst cannot be overcome by far. India is a large country with a population of 1.3 billion, the United States. That point of vaccine is simply a drop in the bucket for India, and it is not enough. It is worth mentioning that many foreign vaccines are currently immature. Some foreigners have experienced serious discomfort after vaccination, and even life-threatening. There have been many cases where vaccines have unfortunately lost their lives. Instead of seeking help from Western countries, India might as well apologize to China and ask China to provide vaccines. Compared with the United States, China’s current vaccine production is increasing, and the world’s largest vaccine production base has also settled in China. In addition to providing free vaccines at home, we also provide excess vaccines to countries in need. Now that the epidemic in India is so severe, Modi should lower his head and admit his mistakes. As a responsible country, China is not a big deal. Provide support to India within the scope of its ability. This time China's provision of ventilators to India is the best example.

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