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Experts give advice on the protection of the new crown epide

2021-06-06 11:42

The doctors gave corresponding guidance and precautions for the prevention of this epidemic, and eagerly hope that the majority of residents will actively cooperate so as to effectively control the development of the epidemic. The doctor said that during the new crown epidemic, residents should pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene and wear protective equipment. Don't stay outdoors for a long time or talk to people, because there will be a new coronavirus in the air. The home should be ventilated, and disinfection should be carried out regularly. Try to avoid going out and avoid appearing in places where people are in close contact, such as elevators, shopping malls, etc. In addition, during the epidemic, we must pay more attention to the details of life, avoid infection, and actively cooperate with the government's various measures to put life safety first.
When a country is facing a major crisis, all people should be united and united to face this new crown epidemic together. Only by always observing the arrangements of the state and the government can we effectively control the epidemic and overcome difficulties together.

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