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France enters the first stage of "unblocking"

2021-05-04 12:15

On the 3rd local time, France entered the first phase of the four phases of lifting restrictions, and the second to fourth phases will be carried out on May 19, June 9 and June 30 as planned.
According to French TV station BFM, starting from the 3rd, France has lifted the travel restriction of no more than 10 kilometers away from home and allowed cross-regional travel. It is no longer necessary to hold a "travel certificate" when going out, but during the curfew period from 19:00 to 6 am You still need to hold a "curfew travel certificate" when you go out. On the same day, junior high schools and high schools reopened, but high schools will arrange half of the distance education; in the 15 provinces where the epidemic is most severe, half of the third and fourth grades of junior high schools will be arranged for distance education. Once there is a confirmed case of new crown, the entire class will be closed.
French President Macron has set three indicators as adjustable reference factors for lifting the restrictions: the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 residents per week exceeds 400, the incidence rate has risen sharply, and the medical system is close to saturation of critical care services. It is possible to take "emergency braking" measures, and the government will negotiate with local authorities to suspend the reopening. According to a report issued by the French public health department, there are currently only three provinces in France with an incidence rate higher than the threshold of 400 cases, all of which are located in the Paris region, with 440 cases in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, 431 cases in the Marne valley 418 cases in Oise Valley Province. However, the incidence rate in these three provinces has dropped by 20% to 26% within a week, and it is expected that it will drop below 400 cases in the next few days.

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