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How to distinguish fake and shoddy furniture

2020-03-01 20:47

Pay attention to whether there are tenon grooves on the furniture frame structure and whether they are tightly glued. Pay special attention to whether there is a broken tenon or a broken material. For hidden drawers, check whether there are tenon grooves in the drawer structure, whether glue is applied in the tenon grooves, and whether the drawer sides and plugs are connected with nails. Observe from the bottom of the sofa seat before buying a sofa. If the frame only uses nails, and does not open mortise or glue, it will loosen and deform as time goes by.
The degree of fine workmanship is a key factor in distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of furniture. For example, when purchasing a sofa or mattress, first observe whether the appearance quality is pleasant; second, check the degree of straight bending of the floss along the outer cloth, and whether there is a jumper phenomenon; again, check whether the covering used in the interior is outdated Cloth and dirty leather.
Be wary of hiding in the sky. The leather surface of the leather sofa does not feel comfortable, either it is soft, wet, or thick, dry and hard, and the gloss is not high; the leather sofa is delicate and flexible, has good hand performance, and the leather texture has a trend and high gloss. When buying solid wood furniture, you can't just look at the wood grain on the surface. Be careful of the veneer furniture. As long as you observe it carefully, you can find the clues of the veneer by comparing the connection and direction of the shading on the corners or the back . However, some furniture with heavy paint and greasy materials can not be seen at all on the surface. The interior is made of inferior boards, which are all packed with paint and greasy materials. If you buy it home, it will be difficult to use it once the paint is scratched. All-inclusive sofas are also problematic, so inspections are important, and you should especially understand whether the internal wood is rough, rotten, or rotten.
Identify cut corners. For example, some furniture uses medium-density planks and particleboard as load-bearing components. In some furniture, the back of the dressing mirror is not fixed with a baffle and a bead, and only nails are used as the supporting pins, which is not strong.
Use the hand to check the dryness of the wood inside the furniture. This can be used to identify the moisture content of wood. Note that the wood is not dried, the moisture content is high, and the furniture is easily deformed and deformed.

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