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What is garden furniture

2020-03-01 20:45

Garden furniture is usually placed on the balcony or outdoors. In the rainy season, it is particularly susceptible to moisture and mold, so the material requirements are particularly strict. Garden furniture materials include iron, solid wood, cement, rubber rattan, etc. What are the characteristics of various materials?
Iron garden furniture-Round tables and chairs made of iron are usually the most common materials for garden furniture. The shape of the special garden furniture is changeable, and the openwork pattern is very beautiful and gorgeous. The milky white and black have their own flavors.
Solid wood garden furniture-Solid wood garden furniture gives a natural and simple atmosphere, which is loved by many people. However, solid wood tends to swell when exposed to moisture, and easily deforms when exposed to sunlight. The solid wood outdoor garden furniture needs to be set under a shelter to prevent the use of solid wood tables and chairs from the rain.
Cement garden furniture-Garden furniture made of cement is very common, especially some public seats in the park are made of cement pressed models, which have a seamless overall effect. Putting cement garden furniture in the garden does not have to worry too much about its damage. Compared with other materials, the cement material is obviously more resistant to erosion, and the disadvantage is that it cannot move.
Plastic rattan garden furniture-At present, plastic rattan is also often used as a material for garden furniture, with beautiful style and low price. However, the plastic rattan garden furniture can not be exposed to the sun, too. Inferior plastic rattan materials will be broken after three or four months of use.
In summary, when purchasing garden furniture, iron materials have a longer service life and easier maintenance. If you choose other materials, it is best to add a rain shelter to extend the service life.

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