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Furniture placement skills

2020-03-01 20:50

What are the furniture placement skills? Today, many people still do not understand the details of some furniture configurations to cause the furniture to be disorderly. We must determine the nature and use of the room, and then start from the scale, style, color and shape of the furniture And other aspects to consider the selection and configuration. When choosing furniture, you should focus on the needs of the overall environment and treat the furniture as part of the overall environment.

Number of furniture: The amount of indoor furniture should be determined from the use of the room and the size of the room. The blind pursuit of the number of pieces and sets will make the room crowded, cluttered, and a burden on life. In the smaller rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms, the types and quantity of furniture should not be large, and we should strive to have more active areas on the premise of meeting living needs.

Furniture style: The style of furniture is constantly renovated and changed. Modern life needs comfortable, lightweight, practical, lightweight, multifunctional or modular furniture. Put a combination cabinet in the living room of the house, put the TV on it, and then put a set of combination sofa and chair around it, which will definitely achieve a comfortable and suitable effect.

Furniture size: The choice of furniture depends not only on the size of the furniture itself, but also on how it feels indoors. The use of smaller-sized furniture in a home is logically and economically sound. Too large furniture in the small room will close the space and lack room for maneuver.

The style of furniture: The style of furniture refers to the general characteristics of furniture such as shape, texture, color, scale, proportion, etc. Sets of furniture made of different materials, structures, shapes, colors, etc. are placed in a certain environment and have their own unique style. What style of furniture is placed in the house depends on the owner's tastes and hobbies, just as different nationalities have their special hobbies and styles. However, it is important to select furniture in accordance with the principle of "coordination". It is not appropriate to put different styles of furniture in the same space.

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