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What are some famous food places in U.S. tourism

2021-06-06 15:35

1. Port of Savannah, Georgia
  As a historic southern port city, Savannah is more rustic and charming than what we have heard-countless cobblestone streets and mouth-watering southern cuisine. The Hong Kong style is found in all kinds of popular restaurants. You can eat various sweets in places such as Back in the Day Bakery and Gryphon Tea Room, and you can taste southern cuisine in Olde Pink House.
2. Traverse City, Michigan
  Food lovers will choose this place as their destination (Mario Batali has a holiday home near here is just some proof). The town not only hosts the National Cherry Festival every year, but also has many traditional handmade foods that can be tasted at Bay Bread, Morsels, Grand Traverse Pie Company and Trattoria Stella.
3. Lafayette Township, Louisiana
   Lafayette is one of the most flavorful towns in Louisiana, and has long been known as the capital of Cajun (the descendants of immigrants who moved to Louisiana, USA). But the local residents are not satisfied with these honors. The food industry here is booming, with a wide variety, including haute cuisine from French Press and Cochon, Tsunami sushi and Japanese rice wine, and burgers in Judice Pub. Even if you just stay here for a while, you will never forget it.
4. McMinnville, Oregon
   McMinnville is close to the ever-changing charm valley of Oregon-the Vilamette Valley. This valley is rich in fine wines. The unique geographical location naturally makes this place popular. This place is also home to first-class restaurants, fully demonstrating the richness of this place, such as La Rambla, Thistle, The Joel Palmer House and Bistro Maison.
5. Walla Walla Valley, Washington
   Walla Walla Valley was originally an agricultural community. It is no exaggeration. It is a place full of wine and food. Many wine lovers rush to come here to explore the wine and delicacies. Just a visit to Walla Walla Farmers Market is enough to show the richness of this place, with a wide variety of foods, such as Green Lantern's fish tacos, flatbreads from the Mediterranean, and various delicacies from the Whitehouse-Crawford restaurant.
6.Rockland County, Maine
   Rockland County is a quaint seaside town in New England (six states in the northeastern United States), and is an ideal place for summer tourists. In addition to bathing in the sea breeze and tasting fresh lobsters, local residents also like to sit in cozy cafes, taste cinnamon rolls at Home Kitchen, taste sushi at Suzuki, and experience traditional Indian cuisine at Primo. But for tourists, delicious lobster rolls are indispensable. Among them, lobster companies such as Linda’s Beans, Waterman’s Beach and Miller are the best ones.
7. Healdsburg, California
   Healdsburg is a small town in the northern part of Sonoma County. It is famous for its exquisite cuisine, a large number of fine wines and simple restaurants. It is full of charm. The town’s cuisine includes authentic Indian snacks, fresh Qianxi chicken, burgers from the hotel’s steakhouse, Willi’s Seafood, and more.

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