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What kind of food in the United States

2021-06-06 15:31

1. Deep-sea cod fillet: This one tastes very good, delicious and healthy. It is made from deep-sea cod. First cut the cod into chunks, then spread the seasoning and other ingredients on the cod chunks, then put them in the pan and fry them until golden brown, and you can eat them.
2. Hot dog: I think everyone has heard that it is a way to eat sausage. The whole bread sandwich with hot dog can also be called hot dog hotdog. When eating hot dog, it can be accompanied by various ingredients. Such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, cabbage, carrots, lettuce and onions, etc. Hot dogs are an indispensable fast food diet in the United States. It is very good to taste the local hot dogs.
3. Large lobster: American lobster is very famous and very big. It was used to feed prisoners a long time ago, and it became popular today as a special delicacy. Just like Chinese people like to eat lobster, they use a unique cooking method, and they eat it with some cheese, which is very delicious.
4. Salad: This was a healthy salad diet popular in the United States in the 1970s. It is healthy, delicious, and inexpensive. There is also the effect of weight loss, which is especially popular with girls. Cobb salad has won the love of many people because of its unique deliciousness, health, and affordable prices. If you go, you have to taste it.
5. Cheese steak: It has the food flavor of Philadelphia in the United States. It uses the fattest and hardest beef and the residue from cheese manufacturing as raw materials to produce classic and delicious steaks, which are very delicious and tempting.
6. Chocolate ice cream: This is because someone added chopped chocolate when making butter cookies, thus inventing the most delicious cookies. Therefore, the locals like to enjoy this kind of food the most. So cut the raw noodles into small pieces and stir into the ice cream to make a delicious chocolate ice cream.
7. Extra large nibble: This is the meal of American grilled chicken. It is to take a chicken, first stuff the duck into the chicken belly, and then stuff the chicken with some delicious bacon and sausage, deep-fry it for an hour or two, and then Add melted cheese products, this is the American Thanksgiving turkey.
8. Spicy chicken wings: This is made from the middle and lower parts of the chicken wings, not fried with flour, and added with the sauce and other seasonings made of chili-flavored ingredients. When ordering, you can teach a chicken wings, which means 10 chicken wings, or a bucket of 50 chicken wings. The spiciness can be increased or decreased according to the taste. The spiciness can be achieved by adding chili or other spices. The chicken wings that come up can be paired with celery and blue cheese sauce, which is delicious.
9. Sandwich: It is a kind of sandwich that is fried or grilled. It is made of two slices of rye bread sandwiching beef, sauerkraut and cheese. In addition, turkey can be used instead of beef, lettuce, onions, or other hams are fine, which is very delicious and affordable.

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