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American famous dishes, which classic American food can sati

2021-06-02 17:40

1.Chicago hot dogs
  2, New Orleans gumbo
  3, Turducken
  4, Cobb Salad
  5, S'mores
   6, Kansas City BBQ
   7, Montana steak
   8, Buffalo Spicy Chicken Wings
   9, chocolate chip cookie ice cream
   10. Apple Pie

1. Chicago hot dog: Hot dog is really a delicacy that people can't stop, and the hot dog we usually imagine is the kind that is worn on a stick, but the main ingredients of the Chicago hot dog in the top ten cuisines in the United States are sausage and The buns, plus all kinds of side dishes and sauces you want, every bite is a kind of enjoyment on the tongue!
2. New Orleans gumbo: whoever tells the truth still needs courage to drink gumbo, but most people will fall in love with just one sip. The method first uses all kinds of seafood and bacon. The soup is boiled, and then the okra is added, and finally it will give people a very classic spicy taste.
3. Turducken: This delicacy is definitely one that can subvert people's imagination. It simply puts turkey into the belly of a duck, and then stuffs a chicken into the belly of the duck. As for the other ingredients, that is If you can play freely, after deep frying, the taste will be very crispy.
4. Cobb Salad: Compared with other greasy foods, this food can definitely satisfy your yearning for vegetables. In fact, it will also add a moderate amount of meat, and people can add more according to their needs. Ingredients, so the whole taste is very rich.
5. S'mores: Simply put, it is what we commonly call the sandwich biscuits, but the main addition to S'mores is the soft candy block, so it is unique in taste, especially in line with the taste of children, and the inside of the biscuits It can also be able to add what you need.
6. Kansas City BBQ: When it comes to BBQ, I believe that many people can't help but swallow. And the BBQ in Kansas City all over the world is really irritating to eat and want to eat. It is meat first. Coated with a thick layer of sauce, after a unique smoking method, the taste is really great.
7. Montana steak: If you want to eat delicious steak, you must not miss the Montana steak. It is very elegant in the selection of materials. After a special cooking method, it will finally make you feel different. It’s delicious, and one of its biggest characteristics is that the lower the maturity, the better!
8. Buffalo Spicy Chicken Wings: Chicken wings are believed to be a favorite of many people. Buffalo's Spicy Chicken Wings are mainly fried in hot oil until they are crispy, and then placed on a plate with greens. , So it doesn't look particularly greasy in taste, it is very crisp and delicious, and even the vegetables seem to be delicious.
9. Chocolate chip cookie ice cream: Cookie with chocolate is a perfect fusion in itself, and the best place to do this is the United States. The ice cream and minced can give people a very good taste. Chew the head, and now it has become a very distinctive local food in the United States.
10. Apple Pie: A very distinctive dessert among the top ten American cuisines. The main thing is to mix apples into apple puree, then mix with flour, and the final product formed in the oven is really unique in taste. Flavor, it is also a very classic American food.

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