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What are summer food

2020-03-03 01:42

Today, I will introduce you to those Chinese summer food:
Eating a lobster in the summer and watching a football game is arguably the most beautiful thing. Lobster, Xiao Bian's favorite dish this summer.
Hot pot
The hot pot is hot, and eating it is quite passionate. Spicy and delicious hotpot base + spicy and self-made food, which is very suitable for summer.
Milk tea
Summer is coming, and milk tea is also our first choice in summer. I would like to spend time with my girlfriends, friends, and girlfriends to drink a cup of cold milk tea. The third type is preferred in summer.
3. Fruit Salad
In the hot summer weather, we make a fruit salad at home by ourselves, or we order a takeaway and a fruit salad. This is our fourth recommendation.
4. Porridge
In summer, in hot weather, the fifth dish recommended by Xiaobian is porridge. The first choice for porridge is mung beans, and then there are some other options, such as peanuts, barley, millet, and red beans.
5. Vegetable Salad
Summer is here, we can eat fruit salad, and vegetable salad is our first choice.

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