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What to pay attention to when the computer is taken for repa

2020-03-04 16:39

The computer is broken and needs to be repaired. Generally you need to register those things:
1. If there is something wrong with your computer that needs to be repaired, you must first check some of the more commonly used functions of the computer before sending it for repair to determine which ones are normal and which are faulty. It is recommended to go to the after-sales service point for repair.
2. After sending it to the repair shop, be sure to re-check various commonly used functions under the witness of both parties to determine the location of the fault and the normality of the commonly used functions. In order to avoid other computer malfunctions caused by the negligence of maintenance personnel during the maintenance, we will not bear the maintenance costs.
3. After repairing, check the functions by yourself and pay for the computer. If there are other new problems, then we can ask for repair based on the previous evidence. I have encountered this situation. Fortunately, I have left evidence before, otherwise the shop owner said it was a problem with the computer itself and asked me to add repair costs.

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