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Teach you how to replace the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus screen

2020-03-01 20:12

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus mobile phone screen is broken, how to replace the new screen. Here's how to replace the new screen.
The first step: First, you need to prepare the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus disassembly tool and screen assembly. Generally, when you purchase an iPhone 6s screen online, you will always receive a set of disassembly tools.
When buying iPhone 6s / 6s Plus screen assembly online, try to choose some moderately priced products, do not choose too low-priced screen assembly, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee quality, and do not choose high-priced products, otherwise it is better to go Apple is after sale.
In addition, the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus screen assemblies sold online are generally divided into versions with and without accessories. The price difference between the two is about one hundred yuan. Among them, the accessory version is simpler to change the screen and more suitable for novices. The accessory version is suitable for friends with strong hands-on experience.
I personally also buy the assembly with accessories, a little more convenient. Novice is not recommended to try the screen without accessories, don't try to save money, it is easy to roll over.
Step 2: After the iPhone 6s screen arrives, we can start to disassemble the screen.
Before disassembling, please turn off the iPhone 6s, then use the card pin to remove the SIM card slot on the right side, and then use a special screwdriver to remove the 2 screen fixing screws at the bottom of the screen.
It is important to note that the camera on the top of the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus has a cable connected to the motherboard, so when disassembling it, you need to start from the bottom of the screen. In addition, when disassembling the screen, you need to be very careful not to use too much force. You need to slowly and carefully turn on the screen to avoid tearing the connection cable between the screen and the motherboard. (Teach you a little trick here. Friends with conditions can use a professional hot air gun to heat the 6s screen for a few minutes, but most people do not need to start with such professional equipment. We can also use a hair dryer instead, although not so accurate, But the principle is the same, that is, the glue on the edge of the phone screen is melted by heat to achieve the purpose of disassembly.)
Before disassembling, please turn off the iPhone 6s, then use the card pin to remove the SIM card slot on the right side, and then use a special screwdriver to remove the 2 screen fixing screws at the bottom of the screen.
Step 3: Because the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus uses a one-piece metal body design, disassembly requires the use of a suction cup to start from the front screen.
Step 4: Slowly lift the iPhone 6s screen from the bottom side up to a 90-degree vertical position (do not move the top part of the screen to avoid pulling the cable) as shown below.
Before disassembling, for safe operation, the battery cable must be disconnected, that is, the small black piece extending from the battery at the upper end of the blue adhesive tape on the battery. We need to use flat tweezers to slowly and gently Took it away.
It is easy to pick it up, so there is no photo display, you just need to carefully remove the small screws and then disassemble the parts. Remember that the glued area is heated with a hair dryer and then disassembled. Do not use brute force. .
Be gentle with it, don't be rough! !! !! !!
Next, we first remove the metal cover of the fixed cable of the screen and the motherboard, then you can separate the cable from the motherboard, and then you can always separate the screen, as shown in the figure below.
Do n’t be afraid of the broken screen, teach you to replace the screen of your iPhone
On the left is the screen assembly with accessories I bought online

Be sure to position the screws of each component and take photos to avoid errors during installation.
like this!

Remove the red protective film.

Mobile phone handsets are more laborious to install and require patience.
Replace the HOME button
Use your fingers to slowly push it out slowly.
Pinch out slowly
The small screws are loosened slowly like this.
Place them well because the lengths of the screws in different positions are different.
These screws are placed like a matrix. Note that there should be a total of 8 small screws, three left and five right, look down.
This small screw is not easy to find, remind you, don't forget it, pull hard.

Cover this iron plate as shown below

Tighten the metal covers of components such as the camera microphone.

Install the HOME button

Cover with metal plate
Tighten each small screw in place
Compared with the original, it is perfectly restored.
Remove all the original glue from the edges to prepare for the next glue application.

Button the battery cable
Positioning, sticking
Step 5: Just reinstall the new iPhone 6s screen assembly you bought. First install the cable, then fix it with a metal cover, then close the screen, and then turn on the test to see if the screen is normal. If everything is normal, explain the new The screen assembly was successfully installed. Finally, the screen fixing screw at the bottom was installed. At this point, the screen change of the iPhone 6s was completed. The screen change steps of other models of Apple phones are similar.
The boot test is as good as ever, and all functions are used normally.
As long as you are bold and careful, changing the screen is not difficult! As the iPhone 6s is newly added with 3D Touch technology, the screen panel is more complicated than the previous iPhone 6, and the price of the screen assembly and the difficulty of changing the screen are higher. Therefore, I recommend that you give priority to choosing a regular Apple repair service center for replacement. Screen, to ensure quality, and post-screen can still enjoy free warranty. The above is the approximate iPhone6s / 6s Plus screen change tutorial steps.

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