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How to restore iphone4 system after jailbreak

2020-03-01 19:57

Teach you how to restore the jailbroken iphone4 system, the operation is as follows:
The latest official version of IOS is 5.1.1. We can search for "ios5.1.1" through Baidu, and we can find many download addresses. Corresponds to the corresponding device model, and the firmware ends with ipsw, as shown in the figure below
Next, connect your iPhone to your computer and open the iTunes software to find your mobile device, as shown below
Then, hold down the "shift" key on the keyboard, and then click the "Restore" button in iTunes software with the mouse. The software will pop up a dialog box for selecting firmware files, as shown in the figure below. Then we select the firmware that has been downloaded before and click Open.
Next, the system will prompt us that if we continue to restore the IOS firmware, all data of the current device will be erased. Click "Restore" to continue, as shown below
Then, the system extracts the firmware we just selected, verifies and prepares for recovery, as shown in the figure below
The next step is to wait for iTunes to restore the new firmware to the iPhone and verify the recovery, as shown in the following figure
After iTunes restores the firmware, the device will restart automatically. Then follow the system prompts to set it up step by step.

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