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The difference between digital night vision and traditional

2020-03-01 19:47

Today I will introduce the difference between digital night vision and traditional night vision.
Advantages: Digital night vision can directly output video, traditional night vision does not. This is why many units buy digital night vision devices.
Advantages: Compared with the first-generation monocular night vision device, the actual observation distance of the digital night vision device is much longer. The first generation of monocular night vision devices can't see things in a slightly darker condition. However, imported digital night vision devices can see things in very dark conditions without turning on the infrared.
  Disadvantages: Most code night vision devices have a built-in LCD screen, because the LCD screen is too small and the resolution is low, so the field of view is very small, and things are not clear. I don't hold my observations very often. In this case, in fact, if you connect a large screen, you will feel that his imaging is very clear, and you can see very far targets. Therefore, most yard night vision devices are not suitable for handheld, which is why many customers report that digital night vision devices are not effective.

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