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How to choose a digital photo frame

2020-03-01 19:46

Let me introduce you to digital photo frames and how to choose the right digital photo frame.
When buying a digital photo frame, pay attention to whether it has editing functions. As a digital photo frame, playing photos is a basic function. Most electronic photo frames now have multiple functions in one, such as music, video, calendar, clock, etc. But there is another important but overlooked feature-photo editing. Since everyone may pose the camera at any angle when taking photos, the photos played will also be at various angles, such as front and back, so it is not easy to watch. At this time, we need the digital photo frame to have the function of rotating photos and saving edited photos. When buying, we must pay attention to whether it has these hidden functions.
Although the current digital photo frame is versatile, the screen is still the soul of the digital photo frame. At present, most of the mainstream digital photo frames on the market are 7-inch screens with a resolution of 480 * 234, which can meet the daily 12-megapixel family photo display. Users should also pay attention to the brightness and contrast of the screen when purchasing, just like paying attention to the parameters on the screen when purchasing monitors and flat-screen TVs.
In addition to resolution, contrast, brightness and other issues, the aspect ratio of the screen directly affects the effect of photos. There are three mainstream aspect ratios in current digital photo frames, which are 3: 2, 4: 3, 16: 9. At present, most digital cameras take 4: 3 photos. If they are displayed in a wide screen, the picture will be distorted. It is recommended that users select a photo frame with a suitable display ratio according to the photographing habits, or cut the photo according to the size by using software such as PS and put it into a digital photo frame. 3: 2 can basically view 4: 3 photos correctly. Now some digital cameras can choose to take 4: 3 or 16: 9 photos.
Another issue that is of concern is the resolution of the screen. In the case of the same screen size, the manufacturers have different screen resolutions due to cost considerations. Generally speaking, if the resolution of a 7-inch digital photo frame reaches 720 * 480, the displayed image will be more delicate and realistic. Of course, when the economy is sufficient, the larger the screen, the higher the resolution, and the higher the audio-visual shock.

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