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Teach you to choose a digital printer

2020-03-01 19:44

The advantages and disadvantages of digital printers are described below:
What is a digital printer?
Digital printing uses a large piezoelectric photo machine with digital printing ink to directly print the pattern on clothes. The effect is really good, but it is suitable for batch production, and the cost of making a single piece is relatively high. Now all claim to use digital printing, in fact, is made by thermal transfer.
What is the performance of a digital printer?
Digital printing can overcome the problem of color difference;
Digital printing can achieve the color fastness that people want;
The use of digital printing can achieve environmentally friendly production, which is highly valued by the society;
With digital printing, one computer and one piezoelectric photo machine can be used to realize one-person operation, and the working steps are simple and clear.
How to choose a digital printer?
1. The first choice depends on whether it is a digital printer manufacturer or not. If so, there are usually after-sale locations throughout the country, which is very convenient for future production and operation.
2. Secondly, look at its technical after-sales, as well as the completeness of digital printer accessories, ink consumables, etc., so that we can immediately let the manufacturers ship what we lack in the future.
3, choose a good machine, but also depends on the factory package does not include process training, when doing so, you are not afraid that you will not lose business.
4. Pay attention to whether the speed of the machine can meet the requirements on the market, and whether the accuracy of the print head can meet the requirements of the color card. This requires us to let manufacturers print color cards for observation.

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