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How to make passionate exotic makeup in summer?

2021-06-06 16:02

It's no longer the brown & beige collocation that is often used, and the emphasis on orange is the boldness of the exotic style. However, once the orange is over-used, it will appear puffy, so use beige eyeshadow to create a three-dimensional effect and use it as a key point at the end of the eye.
Lengthen the end of the eyes & bold to create SEXY eyes
When drawing the eyeliner, it should be stretched and thickened, and the false eyelashes should only be attached to the end of the eye. In this way, there is an exotic long EYE. For the lower eyelashes, use only mascara boldly. The inadvertent sense of casualness is the essence of NUDY makeup.
The texture of nude makeup that fully enhances the gloss!
If the skin is not transparent, it can't be called nude makeup! After the matte effect appears, the skin will feel thicker, so it is necessary to have the luster of the skin without makeup. Whether it is liquid foundation or powder foundation, it is just the right amount to use a little less.
Shimmering in warm orange
For lips, there is no doubt that you should choose orange-red, the key color in exotic beauty. In this way, the sense of consistency with the eye can be improved, and the overall balance will be improved! For the lip gloss, choose a slightly lighter tone, which can just right alleviate the strong sense of orange.
Faint coral red
Coral red that blends well with the skin, coupled with the fiery color that seems to melt in the sun, is the key to creating a horizontally elongated effect at the end of the eye. Super blushing cheeks, deduces the makeup feeling like bathing in the sun!

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