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7 tips to teach you how to create Japanese beauty

2021-06-06 16:05

A beautiful makeup is composed of a variety of different tricks. No one knows how many such tricks and tips, but each of them is of extraordinary significance and may determine the success of your makeup. But for beginners of makeup, what skills do they need to master? Today I will analyze for you one by one, from base makeup, eye shadow, blush, to lip gloss, every step of makeup is the scheming tips You send it. Having mastered these 7 steps, even if it’s the first time you put on makeup, it can still make you radiant and glamorous!

Tip 1: Know how to choose the foundation that suits your color number
Never choose a shade that is whiter than your skin tone just because you are greedy for whiteness. Before buying foundation, be sure to test the color at the junction of the face and the neck, and the closer the color is to the skin tone, the better, it will have a natural and translucent makeup feel that does not leave any traces. A foundation that is several shades whiter than the skin will only make you look like you have applied a layer of paint on your face, without any aesthetic feeling at all. Also pay attention to choosing a foundation with a thin texture, otherwise the thick foundation will make you at a discount!
Technique 2: Master the basic color matching of eyeshadow
Using the most basic earth colors (such as coffee, gray, beige) to make up a natural and energetic daily makeup is basically an introductory course for every MM makeup; advanced people in order to keep the makeup fresh, let the makeup The feeling is more changeable, so I will try to mix and match the gradient colors of purple, water blue or pink. The basic color matching of eye shadow is an important course that is easy to learn but difficult to master. MMs who are beginning to learn can learn from the big-name combination eye shadows. These combination eye shadows are often suitable and not easy to make mistakes. The principle of using eyeshadow is: at most only 3 colors can be used to make the makeup soft and clean.
Tip 3: Always pay attention to the status of eyelashes
Eyelashes are like extensions of the eyes. Both heavy and light makeup cannot lack the embellishment of eyelashes. In daily life, a pair of beautiful eyelashes can make you "magnify" the power of the eyes without heavy makeup, and it is undoubtedly an indispensable weapon in a beauty makeup bag. In order to prevent smudging and makeup from damaging the image of beautiful women, choosing long-lasting word-of-mouth mascara is king.
Tip 4: Keep your eyebrows natural and neat
Choosing the right eyebrow shape can immediately modify your face shape and convey your personal characteristics; while the messy eyebrow shape will only show your sloppyness. Without exception, professionals tend to maintain the habit of trimming their eyebrows regularly to maintain a neat and complete eyebrow shape. And MM who knows the trend of makeup knows that natural thick eyebrows and elegant eyebrows mainly in brown are the mainstream eyebrows in recent years.
Tip 5: Blush to create natural rosy
Don't underestimate the humble blush, in fact it can be very useful! In addition to helping you add a rosy complexion, it also has the beautiful effect of modifying your face and even "rejuvenating". Moreover, you can make yourself cute and playful, mature and charming, or dynamic, depending on the position of the blush and the different application methods. You can taste a variety of styles!
Technique 6: highlighting and repairing the face to create a perfect face
The role of highlight trimming is to modify the makeup, it can make the face look more perfect, as long as you use them cleverly, you can also have a star-like exquisite face! In addition, it can also modify the skin tone, allowing you to see through anytime, anywhere Be confident and radiant. This is a scheming trick for makeup experts, how can you miss it!
Tip 7: pink lips are more attractive
Lip makeup has always been the soul of the entire face makeup, and it is also one of the makeup steps you can't ignore. A plump and moist and lovely lips, with a sense of seduction, can grab everyone's attention even more. To show naked lips or light-toned lip gloss, first use lip concealer for coloring.

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