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How to draw a Korean beauty

2020-03-04 16:34

Today I will teach you how to draw a Korean beauty:
1. Apply pink lipstick first to have a pure feeling, then apply fuchsia lipstick on the inside of the lips and push it outwards
2. Press the eye socket with a powder puff to remove excess oil. Use brown eyeshadow as a base. If you are doing the step of removing oil from the eye socket, gently apply dark brown eyeshadows to look more natural.
3. Use dark brown eyeshadow to start from the double eyelids and apply brown eyeliner deeper than the eyeshadow you just used.
4. Draw the eyeliner towards the end of the eye.
5. Apply glittery eyeshadow to brighten in the eye socket, and then use the eyeliner just used to draw the eyeliner.
6. Use a brush to apply dark brown eye shadow to the bottom of the lower eye.
7. Apply mascara again

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