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Common problems and maintenance methods of air conditioners

2020-03-02 12:54

Common faults and maintenance methods in air-conditioning maintenance, many people will encounter failures of household appliances, especially air-conditioning failures, but I do not know that many problems can be solved by themselves, without the need to spend hundreds or even hundreds of dollars to repair, It's just that many people don't understand the working principle of air conditioners and some basic knowledge of air conditioners. Today I will take you to learn some common faults and maintenance methods in air conditioner maintenance.
Method / step
First, the air conditioner cannot be turned on immediately after it is turned off, which will cause a liquid shock to the compressor in a short period of time, which will cause damage to the air conditioning parts, which will greatly affect the service life of the compressor and can automatically play a protective role. Generally, these are the three new types of functions that can only be provided by air conditioners. When the air conditioner compressor is stopped for three minutes, it will not be repeatedly started, which will protect it.
2. When the air conditioner is started, there will be a crackling sound in the earliest ten minutes. This phenomenon occurs because the shell material of the air conditioner is a thin milky embossed plastic, which is light in weight and elegant in appearance, but because The temperature often changes, the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction will appear, so in summary, the sound of the air conditioner's casing is not a fault of the air conditioner, but a normal physical reaction.
3. When we use the air conditioner, we often hear the sound of flowing water. This is also a normal phenomenon during the operation of the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is running, the internal refrigerant will continuously change. During operation, some products occasionally produce a "rushing" sound. This is the change of the internal refrigerant state during the operation of the air conditioner, which will change from a gaseous state to a liquid state, and then from a liquid state to a gaseous state. This phenomenon requires a certain rate of flow in the physical refrigeration system, but the air conditioning refrigerant There will be a certain amount of resistance, which will cause a "rushing" sound like flowing water.
4. During the operation of the air conditioner, there will be a slight odor under the condition of air supply. Many friends who lack knowledge of air conditioning will think that the Freon leakage of the air conditioner is caused, but they do not know that Freon is tasteless. A large part of the odor is caused by the indoor smoke and some other odors. In the air conditioner, the adsorption effect of the activated carbon filter layer is used, which can remove fine dust particles well, and also help the room to remove smoke and some odors. Improve indoor air.
Fifth, I always feel that the cooling effect of the air conditioner is not good for the indoor temperature, and the indoor temperature cannot be reduced, but I put the hand under the air conditioner and feel the wind and coolness. If it feels normal, we must consider whether the air conditioner is too large. There are a lot of people in the room or too much heat, the windows and doors of the room are not closed tightly, there is a series of conditions near the air conditioner, etc. Do not first judge that the air conditioner is malfunctioning or lack of Freon.
6. If the indoor unit is not ventilated during the cooling operation, the wind is not too cold. For new type air conditioners, three layers of filters are generally used. The first is a woolen mesh, and the second is an electrostatic filter. The third is the activated carbon filter layer. Generally, the filter knows that it is quite good. Many times, it can catch fire to small dust particles. Generally, the purification ability is very strong, so we need to clean the filter in time. If it is not awake for a long time, it will The situation that the filter mesh is blocked, which results in a decrease in air volume and a full temperature drop, etc. The poor cooling effect caused by this is not caused by Freon.

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