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What are the hazards of using old appliances

2020-03-01 21:14

Economically speaking: The energy consumption of old appliances is many times higher than that of new appliances. Now the energy consumption ratio of new appliances is not only declining, but also economical. The electricity bill for using old appliances for one or two years has caught up Money for new appliances
  In terms of safety: old appliances have passed the safe life cycle, and the internal components, wires, interfaces, etc. of the appliances have exceeded their normal life. If they continue to be used, it is easy to cause a fire, especially in the hot summer;
  From a safety perspective: The normal operation of electrical appliances will generate electromagnetic radiation, but the electromagnetic radiation emitted by old appliances is many times higher than the new ones, and the electromagnetic radiation received by people who often use old appliances is also doubled. Increase, this is very harmful to pregnant women and babies;

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