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Six radiant appliances in life

2020-03-01 21:10

What kind of electrical appliances are harmful to the human body in life, today I will let you know about six kinds of radiating appliances in life:
1. Microwave ovens, the radiation of microwave ovens should be self-evident, because the working principle of microwave ovens is to use radiation vibration to heat food, so it is better to use less microwave ovens.
2. Hair dryer, everyone likes to use a hair dryer to dry their hair after washing their hair, but do you know if the hot air from the hair dryer is heated by electric radiation, so it is better to let the hair air dry naturally.
3. Humidifier, many people like to put a humidifier at home in the autumn and winter to humidify the air in the home. The humidifier is a high-radiation home appliance, people should use less.
4. Router, the radiation of the router is actually small, but it has the function of transmitting wireless network, so the radiation of the router is still very large, when not at home, try to turn it off.
5. Electric blankets, electric blankets are commonly used to heat feet in the home, but electric blankets have super high radiation, and may also leak electricity, threatening your life.
6. Electric iron, usually everyone uses it to iron clothes, is an indispensable home appliance, but its radiation is also particularly huge, you can use a kettle instead.

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