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What are the precautions for how to properly use home applia

2020-03-01 21:05

Whether it is a TV installation or a washing machine refrigerator installation, the installation of home appliances is more important than quality. If the washing machine installation specifications, drainage laundry is a problem. If there is a problem with the refrigerator installation, it is likely to cause frequent problems in the use of the refrigerator. The installation of general home appliances is more difficult is the installation of water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. need professionals to install.
Appliance installation: Water heaters should be installed by professionals; water heaters should be installed by professionals. We often see in the media about various accidents caused by improper installation of water heaters.
Home appliance installation: The washing machine must be placed stably; the washing machine should be placed in a well-ventilated place without direct sunlight, which is conducive to the emission of moisture, reduces moisture and mildew, and protects the insulation performance of electrical parts and metal parts from moisture and corrosion.
Home appliance installation: Refrigerators should be placed in a well-ventilated location; professionals say that refrigerators generate a certain amount of noise during use, and often opening the refrigerator door will generate a lot of moisture, so the placement of the refrigerator is also very particular about it.

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