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How to prevent appliance radiation

2020-03-01 21:03

There are some radiations in home appliances. These radiations are often harmful to the human body. Today we teach everyone how to prevent home appliance radiation.
More safe household appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, electric shavers, air conditioners, mixers, rice cookers, electric irons.
 In general, the rated power of these appliances is around 50 Hz, and their electromagnetic radiation intensity is not high, even if it is closer to people, it does not matter. However, pay attention to the methods when using the following appliances, otherwise, improper use will also damage your health.
 When using the hair dryer, it should be kept perpendicular to the head, otherwise the scalp may be burned if it is used for a long time. It is best to use an electric iron when it is heated to a certain temperature, instead of ironing it while heating.
 The mobile phone ’s transmitting stations are now dense. The mobile phone ’s transmit power and electromagnetic radiation intensity are much lower than before, but it should be noted that when receiving a call, the mobile phone should keep a distance of three or four centimeters from the body; At the moment of connection and charging, the amount of electromagnetic radiation released is several times or even hundreds of times as usual, so it is best to answer the call after the mobile phone ringing for a second or two, to avoid answering the phone when the mobile phone is charging.
 Household appliances that need to maintain a distance of 20 ~ 50 cm represent household appliances: induction cookers, televisions, microwave ovens, and the fixed power of the induction cooker is 30 ~ 50 Hz. Its electromagnetic radiation intensity is relatively large. In addition to the recommended purchase of well-known brands with low magnetic induction Other than the induction cooker, when cooking, remember not to be close to the induction cooker, and try to keep a distance of more than 20 cm from it.
 If you buy a TV or a computer, it is recommended to choose an LCD TV and a laptop with low electromagnetic radiation. When using an LCD TV, keep a distance of half a meter from it; when using a laptop, keep a distance of 10-20 cm from it; when using a desktop computer, do not open the case for use, because the electromagnetic radiation intensity on the back and sides of the host Big.
Household appliances that need to maintain a distance of more than 70 cm represent household appliances: humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, and humidifiers should be kept away from the human body when in use. Experiments show that people who maintain a distance of more than 70 cm from the vacuum cleaner and a distance of more than 1 meter from the humidifier suffer the least electromagnetic radiation damage.

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