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How to save electricity bills for home appliances in winter

2020-03-01 21:02

The electricity bill in winter is always relatively high. Today we will teach you how to save electricity bills for home appliances.
  1. Do not switch frequently. The working temperature of household appliances in winter is relatively high relative to the external environment. Therefore, if it is frequently switched on and off, the components inside the appliance may be damaged during the continuous change of high and low temperatures.
    2. Reduce the temperature difference. In winter, you should use heating and insulation equipment properly, otherwise it will affect the service life of home appliances. Because if the temperature difference in the use environment is too large, that is, the temperature difference between morning and noon will cause a large amount of water vapor in the use of household appliances, which will accelerate the corrosion of components in the long run and easily cause damage to household appliances.
    3. It should not be near the heat source. In winter, home heaters increase. Be careful not to place appliances too close to electric heaters, especially refrigerators, which are often turned on.
    4, should be placed in the leeward. Cold wind in winter, if the home appliance is placed in the wind, it will inevitably be affected by the cold wind, which will accelerate the aging of household appliance components and shorten the service life.
    5, should not hibernate. Refrigerators, freezers and other appliances should not be "hibernated" and shut down. Many families often use natural low temperature preservation food in winter, and stop using the above appliances. These appliances may cause their refrigerants to freeze after they are not used, resulting in a poor flow path and eventually making the appliances “sleepless”.

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